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The Woman in the Library

 If you are looking for a Fall mystery to read The Woman in the Library   is the perfect book!  I Author : Sulari Gentill (2022)  Summary: A scream heard in the Reading Room at the Boston Library unites four strangers. As they investigate the crime (and each other) they grow both closer (and more suspicious) of each other. Told from the perspective of both fictional Australian author Hannah and her fictional character Winnifred (I know it sounds complicated!) it is a literary adventure of plot twists and layers as it is a novel within a novel. Best Quote: “It did just occur to me when I read the end of this chapter. Is Cain Black? Even if he walked into a police station with his hands up, they might shoot him. It matters for other things, too, in ways that may affect the story line.” “admire your determination to ignore skin color, but it's a bit like ignoring the virus.“ (page 199) Who Should Read This? People who like cozy mysteries, set in the fall in a university/literary sett

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