Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review of The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

The Firebird picks up the story of Anna Moray (daughter of John Moray and Sophia McClelland) where it left off in The Winter Sea. The novel weaves this historical storyline with a new contemporary one that features Londoner art gallery curator Nicola Marter and Scottish policeman Rob McMorran, an ex-lover. Both characters are psychic which is how they are able to see into the past life of Anna.
Nicola has a talent for "seeing" the history of pieces of artwork so when she meets a woman who has a piece of artwork that she insists has a connection to the Russian Empress Catherine, Nicola sees the past and believes her. She hooks back up with Rob who helps her develop her psychic powers and unravel the mystery.

You Will Like This Book If:

- you liked The Firebird and other works of the author
- you like Scottish history, specifically around the time of King James
- you ken read a wee bit o Scots dialect without finding it bloody distracting
- you can suspend belief about how easily and conviently psychic powers work

Best Quote:

"He sent his mind in search of me that morning."

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