Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kissed By A Vampire: Book Review

So this was my first foray into the Harlequin Nocturne series and I don't quite know what I expected. But here's what happens:

Two thousand year old vampire Stacia lives only to satisfy her passions until she meets hunky DEA Agent Alex Garcia with whom she already shares a bond - she brought him back to life in a previous book with a kiss. Stacia and Alex both try to fight against the pull of this bond by having lots of sex together and moodily brooding when they're alone. Alex also has a case to solve which involves girls being sold into slavery. Stacia displays her love for Alex by using her vampire powers to help him solve the case. Alex shows his love by caring for Stacia. (Spoiler alert - they get together in the end. So unusual for a Romance I know!)

You will like this book if:

- you like vampires that show human vulnerability

- you like books that have A LOT of sex

- you like the element of mystery/crime with your romance

Favourite Quote:

"She'd had her taste of Cuban last night. The murderous
happenings in Manhattan before she had left had her
her swearing off Asian...Italian possibly? she thought,
noticing a fine-looking specimen lingering near one

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  1. Only $0.01 for a book? I think it's good to be true.
    I think it's a good book to read though. Thanks for the review.

    Ervin Alcordo,
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