Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ima Nerdy Girl Who Reads

Hi - my name is Lisa. This isn't a picture of me - I wish - it's a vintage ad for Hanes Pantyhose. But the girl obviously likes to read, doesn't she? Just like me.

I read a lot. My average is about fifty-two books a year. So I thought I'd be a good resource for people who are looking for an interesting book to read.

My taste is kind of eclectic. I do read some bestsellers but I don't like to jump on the bandwagon (not planning on reading 50 Shades of Gray or The Hunger Games. I like to discover things before they hit big - I was into the Twilight and Harry Potter way before anyone else:) And I'm usually quite loyal to an author if I've liked their first book (although they inevitably disappoint me with the second!)

My tastes do tend to change with the wind. I can really be into fantasy for awhile and then I'm totally sick of it, then delve into Romance which leads me to Young Adult which takes me to Greek Mythology. I leave a trail.

But it's fun to not have a plan and see where you go. Why don't you come along for the ride?

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